Why do companies invest in scientific research?

The growth of technology is mainly dependant on the requirements of the human beings.

The people use many devices and tools to make a living more comfortable. Again all of the machines that ensure the comfort in our daily life are the gifts from the technological experts. The unique ideas and innovation depend on different parameters.

So why do companies invest in scientific research?

There are many research institutions which are involved in the analysis of different branches of science. Also when scientific research is started, it is not always obvious that it will result in a successful project or the result would be the desired one that the project is aiming for. Sometimes we have seen in the past that a project has started its journey to get something at the end but when it ends up the result though useful is different to some extent from the required result. Many scientists are involved in different research projects.

Amazon spent nearly $23 billion on research and development last year.

Although maybe not on their Amazon review algorithm which keeps getting interesting press lately

Also as these types of projects would require much more funds to progress many business houses often takes the sponsorship of these.

Like many other parts of science Physics also has its different branches for research work. Depending upon the logical application and the scientists have invented different mathematical formulae many devices and machinery tools.

For example, Hot water circulation systems are one of the scientific technologies that help people to get hot waters as and when desired. The technology which is used in pumping devices like slurry pumps or air operated diaphragm pumps is critical as well as stunning.

The proper use of force and energy would operate the pumps to flow the waters or different other fluids used in the mining industry or other chemical factories. Not only manufacturing we use technology in repairing also. The pipes through which the fluids are circulated are often gets damaged, and we can use pipe repair bandage to repair the leaks in the pipeline and this manner the cost would be much less than the replacement of the original pipeline as a whole or in parts.

Even if we found it very difficult to solve a mathematical equation or to understand some of the application of physics but the application of these two subjects has enormous effects on our daily lives. We cannot even think of a day without the support of all or some of the devices above. In this way, the human labor is replaced with, and people can invest more time in different other areas of importance.

The technological skill is very much of importance to enhance the smoothness of human civilization, but at the same time we should never forget that the devices are there to help us out in our works, but we should never be wholly dependent on them for each of our small daily requirement because that would cripple our strength to work at our own.

Moreover, we always should keep it in our mind that mechanical devices are the invention by the human beings only so the human power and brain is much more superior to this tool or parts.

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